About Me

Mary Claire Harlow is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner. She has specialized in pediatric medicine for over 9 years. She received her bachelor of science in nursing from Delta State University in 2008 and went on to practice as a registered nurse with Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. She later received her master’s degree at Union University in 2014 and specialized in pediatric gastroenterology at both Lebonheur and Baptist Children’s Hospital. She is passionate about the development of interpersonal relationships with patients and their families and values finding the root cause of her patient’s symptoms.
Mrs. Harlow lives in Collierville, TN with her husband and two children. She finds so much joy in being a mother to her two children and spending quality time with her family. Having a special needs child has changed her perspective on life and the way she practices medicine. Her logo was inspired by her son’s journey with autism. She firmly believes that with hard work and determination, all of the pieces will fall into place. Each child is beyond capable of things we never imagined possible.