Well Visits

A well visit is a head-to-toe examination used to evaluate your child’s growth and development at regular scheduled intervals. We address your child’s medical history, milestones, and any new concerns that you may have.

Price: $150 for Initial Evaluations $100 for Return Visits

Sick Visits

A sick visit is typically an appointment scheduled with a practitioner because of the onset of an acute illness. Common complaints leading to acute visits include fever, earaches, coughs, skin rashes, headaches, sore throat, flu symptoms, vomiting among others. The best course of action is to call us as soon as you begin to notice symptoms. We can additionally provide school notes should your child miss school due to an acute illness.

Price: $110

Gastrointestinal Health

Research demonstrates that gut health is often linked to immunity. When your child is experiencing digestive problems, he or she may be more likely to suffer from infections or the common cold. A healthy gut may impact your child’s overall health and mood. We are here to assess for and treat common gastrointestinal ailments that may be disruptive to your child’s microbiome.

Price: $150